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Glenwood/Brooklyn Historic District Survey Update

Glenwood-Brooklyn was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.  The areas were developed by the Glenwood Land Company in the early twentieth century as street car suburbs of Raleigh.  The Glenwood-Brooklyn area was the first of several suburban developments that launched Raleigh's western and northern expansion during the early twentieth century. Its development came at a time when Raleigh's city limits were enlarged--the first expansion in a half century-and the city's population increased by about forty percent during the first decade of the century.  The Glenwood-Brooklyn Historic District includes a broad range of house types and styles from the first half of the twentieth century. The district's architectural character reflects a variety of factors, among them stylistic and cultural influences, economic trends, and the income level of residents.

In order to facilitate a local historic district designation, Hanbury Preservation created individual survey files for 284 properties in Glenwood-Brooklyn with survey database entries including updated architectural descriptions, updated photographs, and maps.  The National Register nomination was adapted to serve as a local designation report.  Hanbury Preservation Consulting also wrote a special character essay for the district to accompany the local preservation overlay district design guidelines.