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North Ridgewood Architectural Survey

Platted in 1953, the North Ridgewood neighborhood  in Raleigh, North Carolina was developed by the Ridgewood Partnership with Wachovia Building Company as the contractor.  The former  was a partnership of developers J. W. Willie York and Ed Richards with contractor R. A. Bryan; and the latter a corporation by Richards.  These men, who partnered in the 1940s to build Raleigh' Cameron Village,  were at the center of the explosion of residential growth in Raleigh in the post war era, and Ridgewood is one of the many subdivisions planned and developed by them. The worked in partnership with architect Leif Valand, who also worked with them on Cameron Village. Valand was a prolific  regional architect with a diverse portfolio that included speculative subdivision housing that ranged in style from traditional to modern.

Hanbury Preservation conducted an architectural survey of the entire neighborhood, creating documentation for each property and writing a  report that briefly outlined the community's history.