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Warren Place

Built for James Henry Stephenson and his family by prolific local architect and builder Ralph Henry Stanford, Warren Place is an outstanding example of Queen Anne style architecture in Northampton County, North Carolina. Though he was a prolific local builder, Ralph Henry Stanford (1870-1959) is little known. He grew up in Person County, North Carolina. By 1905 he was living in Northampton County, North Carolina where he lived for most of his professional life. His design for Warren Place typifies many of the design attributes of the Queen Anne style. The complex roof with cross-gables and steeply pitched hips contributes to the asymmetrical massing of the house, as does the low corner turret, and the wraparound porch with its turreted corner room. The interruption of the exterior wall planes, typical of the style, is achieved with cutaway bays, the second story inset balcony, and the pedimented gables. While the interior plan is somewhat symmetrical, it does have a grand stair, large rooms and extensive wood paneling, hallmarks of the Queen Anne style. While other houses in Northampton County have some aspects of the style, none of them have the degree of sophistication Warren Place achieves, making it arguably the finest example of residential Queen Anne style architecture in the county.

The nomination was prepared by Hanbury Preservation Consulting. Warren Place was listed on the National Register in December 2019