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Strategic Planning

Hanbury Preservation Consulting’s strategic planning approach is based on the five key traits of a successful preservation organization:

  • clear definition and understanding of organizational mission
  • strong leadership
  • political savvy
  • access to human, technical, and financial resources
  • ownership, control, or influence over historic properties

Hanbury Preservation reviews documentation to draft an organizational profile and then combines data from board and membership surveys with stakeholder interviews to create an assessment report.  The report forms the background for the plan and is used as a springboard for a facilitated board session, tailored to specific needs.

Our experience not only in preservation but as staff and board members of nonprofit organizations allows us to view the planning process from both organizational and programmatic perspectives.  Working with a nonprofit’s staff and board, we tailor the planning process to consider foundational issues or specific workplan goals, addressing organizational competency as well as preservation objectives.

Every organization is different and has unique concerns and needs.  Our process creates a shared understanding of critical issues, community needs, and preservation best practices that guides the process to a plan document that is a reference and a road map for future progress.

Hanbury Preservation Consulting can also provide training workshops, full scale organizational assessments, and implementation plans specifically tailored to the organization's needs.